The Proposals

Over the past months Alumno have taken some time to consider the concerns at committee over the access ramp to the south of the site.

A number of access options were considered at the pre-application design stage, including a lift and step option, as well as the proposed ramp option that is part of the current proposals. The ramp based-solution was considered to be preferable by all parties at that time having regard to on-site constraints and practical considerations.

However, Alumno have since engaged actively with CBC and Historic England to discuss alternative designs of the southern access ramp.

These discussions have resulted in a potential alternative option – for a platform lift and step solution. Discussions are ongoing with Historic England and CBC in finalising the design and layout of any such option, but we would welcome your comments on these changes.

Please note this is not a new planning application, as you may know the appeal has now been lodged and the change of access will be decided by the planning inspectorate.

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