A good relationship with the local community is central to the success of any project. On this page we touch on the key areas that will ensure this.

Management team

Well-managed student accommodation is critical to the enjoyment of both residents and the surrounding community.

Alumno places a heavy emphasis on working with partners with a proven track record of:

  • Working on developments at early design stage
  • Creating a secure and welcoming environment
  • Directly employed, well trained and hospitality focused staff
  • Technical competence with high standards of facilities management
  • Incidents management procedure
  • Pastoral care and welfare at the heart of everything
  • Collaborating with local stakeholders, including local residents groups and universities
  • Obtaining feedback from students and local communities and operating with a continuous improvement culture

Alumno will be working alongside an experienced facilities management team such as Derwent FM, a leading UK accommodation management company that has extensive experience in managing student housing developments throughout the UK.

It is proposed that the site will be managed by a dedicated Property Manager from Monday to Friday during office hours and supported by maintenance and cleaning staff. Outside of office hours, on-site wardens and an out-of-hours call centre will deal with any emergencies.

Neighbourhood and community

The management team will have a full-time presence on site and will engage with local tenants, residents associations and community organisations. The local team will be available to discuss any issues that arise with residents as well as participating in regular meetings with residents and other local groups to build up a good relationship.

Accessing development

The site is a short walk from Colchester Town railway station and in the centre of Colchester. The site will open up the possibility of a new heritage trail, starting at the train station and running up through the Priory, in to the site and linking the Minories and the Castle.

Car parking

The development will be car free apart from timed servicing. There will be possibility to park in the Priory Street Car park as part of the drop off strategy, subject to availability.

Alumno is experienced at introducing measures to ensure that students do not attempt to park either on site or in the surrounding area. These have all worked well on our other developments.

Students will not be permitted to bring cars to the site under the terms of the tenancy agreement. This will include a restriction not to park in the local area set out within a plan in their tenancy agreements. This will be monitored by the on-site staff, and local residents will be able to report any concerns.

We find the vast majority of students are happy to agree to these rules, especially when their accommodation is close to transport links and facilities. If concerns remain, there are actions we can take, with the ultimate sanction being loss of tenancy.

Students will be encouraged to use more sustainable means of transport, such as cycling, walking and public transport. Sufficient bike spaces will be provided for within the development.

Move-in process

This will be a managed process over two weekends each academic year. To stagger arrivals, each student will be advised of a date and time to take up occupancy of their room.

During ‘move-in’ days we will provide an increased management presence and, in order to minimise disruption, we will provide a methodical approach to the appointment times that students can arrive and unload. A supporting information pack relating to nearby unloading positions and public transport routes will be sent to all students ahead of their moving dates.

When it comes to vacating properties, students will move out over a longer, staggered time period, which means impact on the local community are further minimised. This period will also be closely monitored.

Noise, anti-social behaviour and security

While we aim to create a welcoming environment for all the students, any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and any residents breaching the clear and strict rules and regulations outlined within their tenancy agreement will lose their accommodation.

A full-time management team from a specialist company will ensure residents do not cause disturbance or inconvenience to neighbours. Tenancy agreements will contain codes of conduct which student residents will be required to abide by and there will be an agreed process for dealing with any events that arise.

There will be CCTV cameras covering amenity areas as well as around the perimeter of the building to ensure safe surveillance of students and visitors in and around the property.